Advanced Math
Semesters 1 and 2
10th-12th grade

Janet Deschamps

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra 2. New students must take placement test given by teacher once student is registered.

Time: Thursdays, 8:30-9:30 and 1:00-2:00 pm        

Teacher: Janet Deschamps

Contact Info: jwdeschamps78@gmail.com

Curriculum: Saxon Advanced Math, 2nd edition
Purchased by parents: Saxon Advanced Math-2nd edition -text, answer key; solutions manual is recommended; DIVE lessons (either streaming or CD) www.diveintomath.com

Tuition:  $400/year or $40.00 per month (July - April) Payable by check, cash, or PayPal
Supply Fee: None
Drop fee: If student drops before September 30th, two additional months tuition will be required.  If student drops after September 30th, the full year’s tuition is required.

Class minimum: none
Class maximum: 12

At home during the week, the student will daily watch the lessons taught by Dr. Shormann, work the homework lessons, grade and correct, and then take the weekly test. Parents are responsible to see that the student gets this done. In class, the students will take a quiz over the new material, grade and correct their tests, and turn in homework. I will then go over any additional problems they need help with.
NOTE: The Advanced Math and Calculus books will be taught using the following 3-Year schedule ( I only teach the first 2 years):
Year 1 -first 2/3 of the Advanced Math book supplemented with more geometry work.
Year 2- last 1/3 of Adv Math and first third of the Calculus book.                                                         Year 3- finish the Calculus book.
For students who only have one year of high school left and want to take Advanced Math, we will get through about 95 lessons in the book, leaving 30 lessons to be finished. These could be completed during the summer on their own.