Academic Calendar
Location: Tomball Bible Church - 400 N. Walnut, Tomball, Texas 77375


Fall Semester 2023
August 17—Orientation
August 22 & 24—Classes begin
November 21 & 23—Thanksgiving
December 5 & 7—Last week of classes
December 12 & 14—Optional week

Spring Semester 2024
January 9 & 11—Classes resume
March 12 & 14 and 19 & 21—Spring Break (2 weeks)
April 30 & May 2—Last week of classes
May 7 & 9—Optional week

Students who are not appropriately dressed will not be allowed to attend class. This will
be strictly enforced, so please double-check your child’s attire before leaving the house.
If a student is not appropriately dressed, the study hall monitor will have him/her contact
their parent to come get them or they will be provided with an oversized shirt to wear.

YES—Loose-fitting shirts with sleeves

     NO—Sleeveless or straps, offensive writing or graphics, low-cut or immodest

YES—Pants including jeans; skirts, dresses, and shorts that must fit to the knee

     NO—Leggings, yoga pants, or athletic shorts
     NO—Gang or goth-type clothing or make-up, visible undergarments

YES—Dress to bless fellow students and teachers; thank you!

Study / Fellowship Hall

*  Study Hall is from 8:15-12:00 and is for quiet studying only.  All students MUST do quiet reading or homework.
*  Fellowship Hall is from 12:00-4:30. Students may also choose to study quietly during this time.
*  While studying or reading, music may be listened to quietly with earphones only.
*  No movies. No computer games.
*  Students may NOT run or play in study/fellowship hall.  Students may bring board games and/or cards to play during fellowship time.
*  All students must be in a classroom or in the Study/Fellowship Hall at all times. Students are NOT allowed to hang out in the hallways, bathrooms, outside or in the parking lot.
*  For your child’s safety, students must wait in the Study/Fellowship Hall (not outside) to be picked up.
*  Parents must pick up their students no later than 4:00 on Tuesdays and 4:30 on Thursdays. A late fee will be charged if students are not picked up by these times.
*  If a student is on the TCH campus for most of the day, we advise bringing a snack or lunch. They will not have access to the kitchen.
*  Study/Fellowship Hall is a privilege for both students and parents.  If a student chooses not to follow the rules/guidelines, they may lose this privilege and parents will need to make other arrangements.

Electronic Devices

***Any and all electronic devices may ONLY be used for communicating to parents and studying while in study hall.
***If student is found using an electronic device for any other use than stated above, said device will be taken away and parent contacted with one warning.  If same student is caught a second time, said device will be taken away, parent contacted, and student will not be allowed any electronic devices for remainder of school year.
***If student is found using any electronic device on a site that contains anything sexual, lewd, promiscuous, or foul language, said device will be taken away, parent contacted, and student will not be allowed any electronic device for remainder of the school year.
Student Conduct

Students should always be respectful of teachers, other students, and the church property. It is a privilege to be here!

Students may not run or horseplay in the church. They must be very quiet in the halls and restrooms.
*  Students may NOT hang out in cars or in the parking lot unless a parent supervises them.
*  Tobacco products, alcohol, or any other harmful substances are prohibited on campus. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in the case of an infraction.

Closed Campus

Every student must sign in when they arrive on campus and sign out when they leave. Once a student has signed out, TCH is no longer responsible for their safety.


To contact teachers: Follow this link for individual teacher information.

Tomball Classes for Homeschoolers -
Emergency Procedures


    A. In the event of inclement weather and /or hazardous road conditions, TCH may:  - Begin the TCH class day at a later time - End classes early - Cancel the entire day

    B. Announcements will be posted by 7:15 am via e-mail to all families.

    C. Decision to close a TCH class day will be based on Tomball ISD. If Tomball ISD closes, TCH will be closed. Watch the local news or tune into local radio stations for announcements for Tomball ISD school closings or delays and check your e-mail.



    A. TCH will coordinate safety drills at Tomball Bible Church at least once per semester or in accordance with church policy.

    B. Teachers will know where fire extinguishers are located in Tomball Bible Church.

    C. Teachers will be notified if a fire threat occurs.

    D. Teacher will calmly and quietly lead all students to the nearest exit and proceed to pre-determined safe locations outside the building. Class rosters will be provided with accurate count of students to the Fire Drill Coordinator.

    E. A specified student will be the last person out of the room. He/she will turn out the lights and close the classroom door.

    F. The teacher will double-check that all students are outside.

    G. The Fire Drill Coordinator will check with each teacher to assure all have exited the building.

    H. Upon the “all clear” by TCH staff, students will quietly and calmly follow their teacher back to the classroom by using normal entrances.



    A. Teachers will be notified via text if threatening weather is occurring.

    B. Teachers will take class rosters, counting all students as they exit room to safe location inside building—Kitchen first and then bathrooms.

    C. A specified student will be the last person out of room. He/she will turn out the lights and close the classroom door.

    D. Students will sit on the floor in class groups and await further instructions. If necessary, students will need to assume a “posture of protection” with hands over head as they bend forward.

    E. Teacher will double-check that all students are in assigned area.



    A. In the event of an unsafe situation with an intruder, teachers will be notified via cell phone or air horn.

    B. Classroom door (which is already locked) will be closed.

    C. Students will go to a designated area in classroom and sit quietly until the “all clear” call is received.



    A. In the event of a chemical spill from the train or a report of a natural gas leak, teachers will be notified in person.

    B. Students will proceed to assigned vehicles—either a teacher or specified older licensed student.

    C. Students will be taken to Kroger parking lot located at FM 2920 and 249 to await parent pick-up.

    D. Parents will be notified via cell phone to come and pick up students.