Academic Calendar
Location: Tomball Bible Church - 400 N. Walnut, Tomball, Texas 77375

Calendar for the 2019-2020 School Year

Aug. 22 - 10:00-12:00 - Orientation

Fall Semester 2019

*  August 27 & 29  - Classes begin
*  November 26 & 28 - Thanksgiving
*  December 10 & 12 - Last week of classes
*  December 17 & 19 - Optional week

Spring Semester 2020

*  January 14 & 16 - Classes resume
*  March 10 & 12 and 17 & 19 - Spring Break - two weeks
*  May 5 & 7 - Last week
*  May 12 & 14 - Optional week



Dress Code
Students who are not appropriately dressed will not be allowed to attend class. This will be strictly enforced, so please double-check your child’s attire before leaving the house.

*  Required: a loose-fitting polo or collared shirt of the student's choice.
*  Nothing offensive, immodest, or distracting
*  No gang or goth-type clothing or make-up, etc.
*  No undergarments should be visible


*  All shorts, skirts, and dresses must be to the knees.  Slits must not be more than 2 inches. 
*  Leggings must be worn with a long, mid-thigh top.


*  No athletic shorts.  Other shorts must be to the knees.

Study Hall & Fellowship Hall

Study Hall and Fellowship Hall meet in the gym and are open only for those students attending TOMBALL CLASSES ON THURSDAYS. They are not for siblings. Students should not come very early before a class and should not stay very long after their last class unless their parent is a teacher. This service exists only to provide a safe place for the student until their first opportunity to go home.

*  Study Hall is from 8:30-12:30 and is for quiet studying only.  All students MUST do quiet reading or homework.
*  Fellowship Hall is from 12:30-4:30. Students may also choose to study quietly during this time.
*  All students must be in a classroom or in the Study/Fellowship Hall at all times. Students are NOT allowed to hang out in the hallways, bathrooms, outside or in the parking lot.
*  For your child’s safety, students must wait in the Study/Fellowship Hall (not outside) to be picked up.
*  Parents must be at classes promptly at 4:00 to supervise their students who are out of class at that time and are waiting for other siblings to finish at 4:30. A late fee will be charged if students are not picked up by 4:30.
*  While studying or reading, music may be listened to quietly with earphones only.
*  No movies. No computer games.
*  If a student is on the TCH campus for most of the day, we advise bringing a snack or lunch. They will not have access to the kitchen.

Student Conduct

Students should always be respectful of teachers, other students, and the church property. It is a privilege to be here!

Students may not run or horseplay in the church. They must be very quiet in the halls and restrooms.
*  Students may NOT hang out in cars or in the parking lot unless a parent supervises them.
*  Tobacco products, alcohol, or any other harmful substances are prohitbited on campus. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in the case of an infraction.

Closed Campus

Every student must sign in when they arrive on campus and sign out when they leave. Once a student has signed out, TCH is no longer responsible for their safety.


To contact teachers: Follow this link for individual teacher information.